Podcast: Protect Our Children… Opt Out and Refuse The Tests

It is well worth your time to understand why the common core standards are limiting our children’s learning to a narrow box.  The tests only measure what is inside the box.  Opting your child out of the testing is the best thing you can do to send a clear message to your local school board, state legislature, and the federal government.  The current testing is not about learning.  It is about Testing. It is about Data Tracking.  It is about Profits.

Standardized Boxes  Regular

Listening to the following Podcast will help you understand more about the ills of common core and why it is beneficial to your child to Opt Out and Refuse The Tests.

Go To: March 9, 2016 – Common Core – Part Two

LinkWatchman Wednesday Podcast

Be Divergent.

Opt Out.

Passionately Submitted,


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