Iceberg Ahead!

The time has come for voices to raise and warn the “Titanic” there is an iceberg ahead.

I wrote this in 2014.  It is now September of 2022.  We HIT the iceberg. No more shouting, “Iceberg Ahead!”  The titanic IS sinking.   THIS “Titanic” has all of our children on board.  Who will advocate for them? Who will stand in the gap against what is seeping into the cracks of our schools and increasing the flooding?

Change Course!

Change Course!

The ship is sinking!

Data Tracking of Children.....

Our children are not robots, nor are they merely numbers.   The constant testing is not the answer.    Great teachers know their students.  Great teachers inspire their students to become who they are meant to be.  Great Teachers look at each child as an individual with vast potential.   Great Teachers embed discovery, inquiry, multiple intelligences, the arts, multiple pathways to learning, and honor innovation.  Great teachers know how each child learns and lights the fire of curiosity.  It is NOT the teachers job to impart their political views or push their agendas onto children.  Teach children HOW to think not WHAT to think.

Fire is Catching.

Let’s build a new ship.

Together we can!

Passionately Submitted,



4 thoughts on “Iceberg Ahead!

  1. Thank you for your (educative and informed) voice of reason in this insanity. Terribly sad that the Powers That Be didn’t take the time you did to become informed before adopting this nonsense. I pray that through people like you doing the research and speaking up, we can end this madness.


    1. Hi Kara,

      It seems there isn’t the time for many educators to research the “stuff” we are handed. It is sad. They are working so hard to implement all the new programs they are required to use. I started asking questions nearly two years ago. It has led me to know what I know today. I now write to expose the truth. Thank you for reading and becoming informed. Be a Spark!



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