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Car Signs: A Simple & Free Way to Inform Parents of Their Right To Opt Their Children Out of High Stakes Tests

This is one way to show you care about all children.  We can opt our own children out of high stakes tests.  We are informed.  How do we inform others?

Most of us grassroots activists don’t have the millions of dollars to lobby legislators like the Corporate Driven Education Reformers do.

Got Dough? How Billionaires Rule Our Schools.

What we do have is heart.

What we do have is a voice.

What we do have are the brains to dig and learn and understand what is happening to our public schools.

Are you willing to spread the word in a free and simple way?

Consider printing out a sign to place on the inside back window of your car.

Prickly over high stakes tests?

Prickly over the common core standards?

Do something about it.

We need millions of parents to send a clear message to Congress, State Legislatures, and the National Department of Education…

“We the people are not okay with flawed standards or the high stakes tests used to measure them.”


Here are the links to the car signs I made:

  1. (Doc) car sign 1
  2. (PDF) car sign 1
  3. Black Background 1
  4. Black Background 2

I glued the sign on to a piece of scrapbook paper for a colored border.

Easy Peasy.



Our children are more than a score.  Our children are individuals with unique gifts and talents and need not be contained to a set of standards or test scores.

Passionately Submitted,