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Prickly Over High Stakes Tests and Common Core

Hedgehogs are interesting little creatures.

They prickle up for several reasons.

One reason is when they become irritated or downright ticked off.

For the past 2.5 years I have been digging underneath the surface of what has been promoted across our nation in regards to the high stakes tests and common core. Rather than accept it without question, I dug into these topics with vigorous passion.

Why? Children.

C H I L D R E N.

Why? Teachers.

T E A C H E R S.

Why? Public Schools.

P U B L I C S C H O O L S.

The harm the policies and mandates are wreaking as a result of common core attached to intellectually abusive and developmentally inappropriate testing, has sparked my heart and whole being into action.

I became one prickly like Hedgehog.

I had many sleepless nights as the truth surfaced. The more I read, the more I discovered…

I looked into the eyes of the children as they sat before computer screens facing questions they had no clue how to answer. I watched the curriculum become narrowed, with a focus upon only that which is “measureable”… and a limited emphasis on math and reading. Subjects like science, social studies and the arts were depleted because of the lack of instructional hours. I observed the countenance of the teachers I love become saddened and exhausted. They were being forced into a narrow, cardboard box, just like their students.

Standardized Boxes  Regular

And so… I write.

I blog.

I tell the stories.

I gain some relief as I publish, speak, and advocate for children, teachers, and public schools.

Public Schools deserve to flourish and be freed from the shackles of Corporate Ed Reform.

A final note:

Protected Hedgehog

When Hedgehogs feel danger, they protect themselves by rolling into a ball… Children and teachers are surviving in the current standardized, testing environment.

However, are they thriving?

Are children out exploring their world with curious brains and days filled with creativity and the pursuit of authentic knowledge?

Are children given the time to discover their own personal passions?

If I were to remain silent, I would be guilty of complicity.

I hope this blog helps others gain more knowledge as the grassroots network of crusaders grows.

This blog is about courage… the courage to raise the alarm, to speak boldly, and to go forth without fear.


A Tiny Spark Can Burst a Flame

B E A S P A R K.

It’s not just about our own children.

It’s about all children.

Their future.

Our future.

The future of the United States of America.

Let’s free our schools from the Corporations and the Testing Regime.

Let’s free our public schools from the “Hedgehog Protective Mode.”

Will you join the crusade?

Save Me Hedgehog

Passionately Submitted,


Meet “Dwight”, my families very happy and healthy hedgehog… A picture of what I hope our Public Schools get back to… Exploring, Laughing, Experiencing, Flourishing…

Meet Dwight