Short Form Opt Out Letter to My Son’s Principal

February 8th, 2015

Dear Mr. D,

I would like to begin this letter by commending H Elementary for the education my son has been offered to this date. He has had a wonderful experience with both of his teachers. Their ability to communicate with me about my son’s progress has been consistent, clear, and based on classroom evidence. This classroom based evidence is the most critical component in showing me the strengths of my child as well as the areas to focus upon for future improvement.

I have concerns with the SBAC test and I do not believe it will measure what my son really knows and understands. Many of the questions on the SBAC I believe are developmentally inappropriate. I personally took the practice test and it was an eye opener.

I am writing this letter to opt my son out of the following tests:

  1. Although my son is in 2nd grade, I wanted to establish my legal right to opt him out of the SBAC test in his 3rd through 6th grade elementary career.  (If it still exists).
  2. If H is considering giving the end of the year 2nd grade Interim Amplify Test, or any portion of the Amplify Test, I am utilizing my parental right to opt him out of all Amplify Testing. I am a proponent of classroom based assessments and classroom based evidence of his learning.  Computerized assessments at young ages do not typically show what a child truly knows and understands.  I trust his teacher completely to share his academic growth.
  3. I believe my son missed the WaKids assessment as he was not full day Kindergarten.  For this, I am very thankful. I will be opting him out of all like assessments that involve survey questions regarding his emotional health, his feelings, his thoughts on bullying, sex, drugs or the like.   As a parent, it is my responsibility to educate my son on these matters.   I do not want him to participate in these surveys.

My son is a bright, intelligent, curious boy.   What I value most in education for his age group happens within the walls of his classroom.   His teacher is the expert and knows him extremely well.  I honor her expertise above any mandate, policy, flawed curricular materials, and especially a standardized test.

I sincerely thank you for taking the time to read this letter of concern and my decision to opt my son out of testing.

With the Utmost Respect,


7 thoughts on “Short Form Opt Out Letter to My Son’s Principal

  1. Powerful letter. It was very informative and enlightening. Would you mind if I copied it to use for my own children? Thanks for sharing your insights!!


  2. I found your articles while looking for information on how to opt out my daughter from standardized testing. I am also from Spokane, and I happen to be in a neighborhood where the school begins with H and the principal’s last name starts with an D…wonder if we’re neighbors. I don’t want to post my private information publicly so if you have time could you please email me, I’d like to talk further and in private. 😊


    1. Hi Heather! Bingo. Same school. Although my son goes to a new school now. I pulled him out of H after 2nd grade. I would be more than happy to speak with you and help in any way I can…

      Please email me at: and we can exchange information and talk.

      Stay strong… you are standing up for all children.



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