HIGH STAKES TESTING: Education System Malpractice and Mental Abuse… Some Humans Have Lost Their Damn Minds

This Story Comes From Clayton County Georgia

Warning: After reading this story, the reflux to vomit may take over.

Report from a Clayton County Teacher

“Yesterday, before and after testing, a colleague who is a first year third grade teacher lost her damn mind. She assaulted a third grade student of hers and told him he was dumb, shouldn’t have been in the room testing because he was going to bring her scores down. She berated him and the class telling them they were going to cause her to lose her certification.

This young first year teacher said, “Unless they have $50,000 to pay for her teaching certificate, they had better score well.”

She was furious 50% of her evaluation was dependent on “stupid third graders”.

The boy was reduced to tears and promptly vomited all over the floor.

Her colleagues refused to report the unprofessional, abusive, and vicious behavior yesterday.

This test… Georgia Milestones… is destroying our kids”.

This System is Breaking Kids and Teachers


It sure is.

I’m outraged.

As an E D U C A T O R and P A R E N T…

I. Refuse. To. Be. Silent.

breaking silence

Shame on the U.S. Department of Education

Shame on all legislators who continue to vote for this abuse.

Shame on any educator at any level who believes these tests are valid.

Shame on School Boards at the local and state levels who promote these tests.

Shame on all the lies and propaganda and rhetoric being spread and paid for by the corrupt Oligarchy.



Teachers are being forced to give these tests to children who are not ready. Teachers know the students do not understand the skills or concepts, yet are forced to deliver these outrageous assessments. Teachers are being told it is their fault if their students don’t meet the standard. (Flawed standards). Teachers lose their jobs when their evaluations are based on these tests… tests with reading levels above the children’s grade assignment and questions demanding high levels of analysis.

Mental Abuse.

These tests put everyone involved in the pressure cooker.

Eventually an explosion happens.

The Joy of Learning

No Teacher Should Feel Pressed to this Point of Breaking

“Parents MUST BE THE ONES to make this testing stop. Teachers cannot control this. I 100% in no way condone the actions, words, etc of this teacher, but I can tell you I understand the PLACE she was pushed to and that is not within her control. How she handles the weight is certainly something she has to work on, but these teachers need parents advocating, demanding, and speaking up… ‘We won’t stand for our children or teachers to be put through this abuse’!” –Georgia Parent of a 4th Grader

The Testing Bomb

nuclear bombWho built this Testing Bomb?

Who placed the Bomb in our schools?

Who asked teachers to hold the Bomb?

If the Bomb goes off, who is to blame?

Passionately Submitted,



11 thoughts on “HIGH STAKES TESTING: Education System Malpractice and Mental Abuse… Some Humans Have Lost Their Damn Minds

  1. And this is after last year’s attempt to browbeat and threaten the parent of a dying child into bringing him to take the test.
    How are the car and garden signs doing. I liked that idea a lot.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Howard! Car signs… don’t see many… need to get real window stickers made for next year as well as yard signs for parents and educators to purchase. It is going to take a huge group to defeat this abuse. -Raz

      Liked by 1 person

    1. I intend to… more to come. I will be exposing as many situations in which out right mental abuse is occurring from these tests. What is getting under my skin right now are the administrators who promote the message of how great the tests are and how necessary they are… and then lie and tell parents they are setting their children up for failure if they Opt Out. Anyone who spends an ounce of time learning about these tests can’t believe this is good for children. -Raz


  2. We have been fighting to stop common core and the insane testing for years, more parents need to speak up, refuse the tests for your kids. Please join a stop common core group and if you pray, pray for our children. This abuse has to be stopped.

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  3. My son was told by his favorite teacher that by opting out he could lose his job. He said it right in front of me. I am also a teacher and I told him that I am fighting a system that puts the employment of teachers on the shoulders of a 12 year old boy. Not ok.


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