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5th Grade End of Module 1 Assessment, Scoring Guide, and Sample Level 4 Answers… EngageNY

The 5th Grade End of Module 1 Assessment:

5th Module 1

5th Module 2

5th Module 3

5th Module 4

5th Module 5

The following is the scoring guide for the 5th Grade End of Module 1 Assessment.  The student can earn up to 4 points for each numbered item.

5th Module Rubric

5th Module Rubric 2

The following is an example with level 4 responses for each numbered item.  Notice some items have multiple steps and multiple questions for each of the numbered items:

5th Module Answer 1

5th Module Answer 2

5th Module Answer 3

4. Dr. Mann mixed 10.357 g of chemical A, 12.062 g of chemical B, and 7.506 g of chemical C to make 5 doses of medicine.

5th Module Answer 4