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The Flutter of Small Wings… Butterfly Cinch Sacs for 6th Grade Girls

The small flutter of wings can create a typhoon.

This post may be a tiny turn for me in my life path, however, it may be an enriched path.

I’m flapping my wings.

I’m hoping what you read here will cause you to flap your wings too.  I am hoping 35 people will contribute and make a difference in the life of just one 6th grade girl.  I would like to gift each 6th grade girl in my school with this Butterfly Cinch Sac on the first day of school filled with butterfly themed school supplies.  An invitation to be part of “The Butterfly Club” will be included.

The Effects of Being an Education Activist in Current Climate and Culture

It takes its toll.  The burden of being inside the system as an educator and witnessing the impact common core and the high stakes tests are having upon our children… our future… is heart wrenching.  “The Butterfly Club will be one way I can flutter my wings and DO something positive for my school.

The Butterfly Effect

It is said, “The flapping of a butterflies wings can create a typhoon.”

Andy Andrews wrote the book, The Butterfly Effect.  He also wrote a wonderful book called, The Traveler’s Gift. Both of these books are on my reading list for this summer.  I got a small glimpse through the window of Andy’s presentation last week at a conference I attended.

I left a changed person.

My heart still aches

I am a educator in one of the highest poverty schools in Spokane, Washington.  We have the highest homeless population and the highest number of refugees.  Our system thinks the solution is to get these children “College and Career Ready”.  It’s not that I am opposed to having children be prepared for college.  However, I do think we may be putting the flight before the chrysalis.  The youth in my school need what matters most…  Love, acceptance, encouragement, and the unconditional belief in them as individuals.

Did You Know?

  • *On average, a girl’s self-esteem peaks at age 9
  • * 50% of all mental illness starts by age 14
  • *Girls are 2X as likely as boys to suffer from depression and eating disorders

*Sources: National Health & Nutrition Examination Survey, 2010; National Comorbidity Survey Replication-Adolescent Supplement, 2010; NIMH, Mental Illness Exacts Heavy Toll: Beginning in Youth, 2005.

How can you help and become part of the flutter of wings?

I must take action and do something for the next school year to enforce “What Matters Most.” 

My First Flap…

I’m looking for 35 people who are willing to order and pay for one Butterfly Cinch Sac.  My goal is to gift these Cinch Sacs to each 6th Grade Girl in my high poverty school next year and start a “Butterfly Club”.  (Trademark and Copyright being worked on currently).  I will be meeting with the 6th grade girls and volunteering my time after school once a week.

Scatter KindessMy dream is to infuse the arts and involve the girls in promoting kindness throughout the school.  We will brainstorm together how their lives can make a difference in the school community and beyond.  I hope to help them find their wings.

The theme of “The Butterfly Club” will be to Scatter Kindness.


The small flutter of wings can make a difference!

I got to hear from another dynamic, butterfly flapper… Shelene Bryan.  A mom and wife… who wanted to help her children learn what it meant to give.  We say we want to knock out poverty… what are we doing about it?  For $35.00 a month her family sponsored two children.  Eventually, she was challenged her family’s $35.00 was not going to the actual children.  So she got on a plane and went to Africa to meet the two children.  What she encountered changed her life… She met her two sponsored children… and today she has written two books… and started the campaign.  A typhoon was created by the small flutter of her wings.

Will you help me create a typhoon starting with just one school?Blog Post Winner

  • Cinch Sac: $20.00
  • Personalization: $10.00
  • Total:$30.00 (plus shipping and tax) = $35.22
  • Included in price: $7.50 of school supplies placed in each cinch sac. (Butterfly theme)

How To Order:

  • Contact:  Raschelle R. Holland (Raz)
  • Phone or Text: 509-860-4475
  • Email:

Deadline: July 19th.

I take each order personally.

Passionately Flapping My Wings,